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Commercial Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Businesses and commercial properties across the U.S. often rely on heat pumps to provide both heating and cooling functions for their building interiors. Unfortunately, when problems develop in these workhorse devices, it’s not always easy to detect the true underlying cause. Here are some of the key problems to look for when troubleshooting the issues

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All About Carrier Cor Thermostats

Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats are a relatively recent innovation in home heating and cooling technology. These devices give you the ability to remotely control temperature settings and certain other functions with wireless signals sent through your Internet modem. The Carrier Cor thermostat is an excellent, well-rounded example of the potential uses of Wi-Fi-enabled temperature control. Let’s look


Benefits of Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Throughout the year, you spend much of the day breathing the air in your home or workplace. And whether it’s summertime or wintertime, your heating/cooling system has a major impact on the quality of that air. A system in poor shape can potentially reduce air quality in several critical ways. On the other hand, a


The Problem with Bargain HVAC Repairs

It’s always tempting to save a few dollars, especially for something that seems like it can be performed uniformly no matter who does the job. However, companies that offer discounted or bargain repairs often use this method to gain customers, and then ultimately charge their customers more money. Tactics Used by Bargain HVAC Companies Bargain


How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Differ from Residential Systems?

Regardless of where it’s installed an HVAC system is designed to modify the climate in every square inch of the indoor space it covers. Of course this challenge is much greater if that space has massive horizontal or vertical sprawl, as is often the case with commercial, industrial or public venues. But commercial HVAC systems

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5 Common Home Heating Myths

The cost of heating a home throughout the cold winter season is usually high, so homeowners are always looking for ways to lower their heating bill. Unfortunately, many of the theories homeowners believe are just myths. Read on to learn about the top 5 most common home heating myths. Myth #1: Duct Tape is Great

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How To Reduce Commercial HVAC System Costs

Proper commercial HVAC systems are essential to a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment. They are, however, one of the largest users of energy in a commercial building, accounting for approximately 40% of energy costs. Thus, it’s no wonder that building managers look for energy savings when installing and maintaining the heating and cooling systems.

Do I Really Have To Change My Air Filter Often?

The frequency at which you are required to change your HVAC’s air filter depends on factors such as unit location, type of filter you are using and various environmental factors. Air filters such as pleated and disposable air filters are mostly used in residential buildings and are supposed to be replaced every 3 months or

Eliminating Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Indoor air pollutants are everywhere, but few homeowners do anything to limit the amount that they breath in. Most people probably don’t even give indoor air quality much thought. There are several things that can be done to make sure that the air inside of your house is nice and clean. Dust mites are tiny

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HVAC Technology In 2016

HVAC technology is becoming more sophisticated and is now regarded as one of the top growing industries. Experts in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field are keen to make customers aware of the latest HVAC trends. The HVAC contractors and service businesses that utilize innovative Smart technology will go on to enjoy a prosperous