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Is The Air In Your Building Unhealthy?

The effects of contaminated air cannot be seen but manifests through the constant coughing or sneezing whenever you walk in your house or when you pay a visit to the doctor for respiratory complications. Statistically, indoor air quality is about 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air. The big question is how safe is the air inside your home?


Real Quality of Indoor Air

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), is responsible for setting standards for indoor ventilation and comfort. A room is considered to have indoor air quality if it adheres to ASHRAE standards and only 20% of its occupants express their dissatisfaction with air quality. But if the number of complaining occupants is more than 20%, then indoor air quality is considered to be unhealthy.


Improving Indoor Air Quality

Unhealthy indoor air quality is always a first sign of poorly working or faulty HVAC appliances. According to experts, a preventive approach is more practical in solving indoor air quality issues. This can be done by hiring a professional licensed HVAC technician to design, install, and maintain your HVAC systems. These experts are able to prevent any breakdown of your HVAC system thus ensuring commercial indoor air quality is maintained to ASHRAE standards.


The Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality

When commercial indoor air quality is improved, working environments become healthier for employees or tenants to thrive in. There will be more productivity from workers and few sick days to talk about. The risk of illness is reduced which in turns lowers the cost of operating a commercial business. Legal wise, maintaining quality indoor air prevents unnecessary law suits from employees who are dissatisfied with the quality of their working environment.

So it is important to contract a HVAC technician with years of experience in maintaining air quality in commercial HVAC systems. They can assess and recommend tips on improving as well as protecting the quality of air circulating in your building. Follow our blog today for more advice on assessing indoor air quality and hiring a trained HVAC technician to assess and recommend ways of promoting healthy indoor air.