Clean Fresh Air Is Only A Duct Cleaning Away

The Indoor Air Quality surrounding us has either a positive or negative effect on our health. Our respiratory system is very similar to how an HVAC unit works. The respiratory system is responsible for collecting air, removing airborne particles and supplying the body with oxygen. The HVAC unit uses similar techniques to provide safe air for us to breathe.

An air handling unit located on the outside of a building is responsible for drawing the outdoor air inside. A large fan pulls air inside and pushes it through a highly advanced filtering/cooling system. For the most part an A/C unit is perfect; however, it does have a serious flaw. That flaw would be the fact that this comfort inducing equipment can also cause discomfort and health hazards. As air is sucked in from the outside, so are other things like dust, debris, and microscopic allergens that can wreak havoc on the human respiratory system.

High winds are a huge culprit in pushing these potential dangers inside a home. When the fan is drawing air inside high winds encourage dust and debris along with allergens of all kinds to be forced into the air entering the A/C unit. These unwanted items are likely to clog filters, pipes, coils, and settle into the condensation from coils. Mold spores feed upon these uninvited pollutants on the coils as well as in the drain pan.

Though many invading pollutants are flushed out of the air through the filtering system, these invaders still end up in the ducts and eventually in the lungs of unsuspecting humans. This is why the quality of the air in our homes is so important. Especially for those who have severe allergies to dust and other air pollutants such as mold and pollens. One way to ensure that Home Air Quality is always at its best is to schedule regular HVAC Vent Cleaning.

A skilled technician will clean the ducts, coils, and ensure that a clean and appropriate filter is being used in an A/C unit. Since many parts of the U.S are being troubled with high winds that are forcing contaminates into the indoor air, these regularly scheduled cleanings are about the only way to ensure that the air inside a home is safe for all to breathe. Having an HVAC service clean the ducts, coils, and other components of an A/C unit can prevent musty smells and costly repairs. Clean HVAC systems provide cool and clean air and don’t have to over work to do it.

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