Benefits Of Hiring A NATE Certified Technician

Homeowners or business owners who want superior installation, maintenance and repair services of their heating and cooling system should hire NATE certified technicians who have demonstrated their extensive knowledge of modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Such professionals must sit for and pass a nationally certified examination developed and supported by all sections of the HVAC industry. Clients can rest assured that with an NATE certified technician; they will get the most reliable heating and cooling solutions for maximum comfort and safety.

What Does NATE Certified Mean?

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, and it signifies that a technician’s skills and knowledge have been assessed and verified by independent industry authority. This independent organization certifies technicians based on a knowledge–based test. Some of the large organizations that are part of the NATE coalition include the EPA and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers.

What is NATE Certification All About?

The NATE certification tests consist of real–time scenarios in refrigeration and air conditioning. Technicians must pass both core segments and specialty parts of either service or installation test with a score of at least 70 or more. Specialties include air conditioning, oil heat, gas heat, and heat pump. Not all technicians can pass the NATE test on their first try, which means that any technician who passes is the best in the trade when it comes to skills, knowledge and experience.

Benefits of NATE Certification

The NATE certification is a marketable and trusted standard in the heating, cooling and air conditioning industry. Having this specialized credential in one’s resume is extremely appealing to prospective employers, current employers, and clients. In addition, achieving such an impressive industry certification allows holders who had no prior experience to create a new career path, or to sharpen their existing skills.

Benefits of Hiring a NATE Certified Technician

· One can rest assured of outstanding services

· All equipment installed or serviced will operate with maximum efficiency

· There are fewer chances of callbacks due to a recurrence of the problem

· One will enjoy greater peace of mind

· The technician will complete the job efficiently and in good time

Hire a NATE certified technician today and schedule a maintenance inspection to ensure your heating and cooling system is working at peak performance.

Tips To Stay Cool In The Summer

Summer is a welcome time for most families. Vacations, time off of school, pool days, sleeping in, lemonade, barbeques; the list of summertime fun is endless. However, during the summer, many families struggle to keep their homes at a temperature that is comfortable while keeping their electric bill in check. You want your family to be comfortable, yet you want to still be able to afford groceries and your mortgage. These summer cooling tips will help you decrease the heat without breaking the bank.

One of the first house cooling tips is to buy and use ceiling fans. Although ceiling fans can add to your electric bill, they provide a more cost effective method of cooling. Run the fans on forward during the summer months to create a downward breeze to keep everyone cool. If your budget can afford it, install fans in every room of the home. If not, make it a priority to install them in the main living areas of the home.

Use landscaping to the advantage of your air conditioning unit. If possible, strategically plant shrubs and bushes near your unit to provide it shade. This will help the unit run more effectively as its own temperature will be cooler. However, when planting your greenery, make sure you leave space for the unit to be serviced and repaired as needed, and for air to circulate around it.

Cooling tips for your home also includes thinking about how much heat builds up in your home from sources other than the sun. Keep appliances, lighting sources, and electronics away from your home’s thermostat. This can cause the thermostat to mistakenly think the house is warmer than it really is, causing the a/c to run when it is not needed. Unplugging such devices when not in use can decrease your overall electric usage and bill, and help decrease the temperature in the home.

Keeping your A/C unit well-maintained and serviced is among the key tips to stay cool in summer. Make an effort to change your hvac system’s air filter at least once per quarter. This will not only reduce dust and allergens in your home, but it will help you a/c unit run more effectively. To make sure your unit is functioning properly, contact a reliable service technician today.