Best Buy: Carrier Products Get The Thumbs Up From Consumers

The Carrier Corporation has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1915. Back then it was comprised of seven visionary engineers and now the number of employees has swelled to 45,000. A century’s worth of hard work and innovation has led to the development of the world’s most trusted heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. People know that they are getting quality products when they see the Carrier brand and this sentiment is echoed everywhere including prestigious publications like Consumers Digest®.

The magazine has come out with its annual lineup of recommended products in the HVAC category. The company is proud to find four of its Carrier HVAC Products included in the Best Buy list with glowing reviews from the panel. Only a handful is ever given this designation as Consumers Digest® carefully selects among hundreds of candidates to ensure that their readers get the greatest value for their money. Carrier Infinity 19, the Infinity 16 and the Infinity with Greenspeed heat pumps were deemed worthy of the privilege, as was the Carrier Performance Boost 80 gas furnace.

The Carrier Infinity 19 captured the Consumers Digest® Best Buy designation thanks to its wealth of features and strong performance. The midrange category is quite crowded with models from different manufacturers but the Infinity 19 managed to outshine all of its competitors. It was deemed to be the most reliable performer among the group which is what shoppers are ultimately looking for in a heat pump. An additional attraction is its sound reduction technology that enables it to operate quietly throughout the day.

Meanwhile, the Carrier Performance Boost 80 gas furnace clinched a spot at the top due to its impressive feature set that is redefining what it means to be an economy model. Shoppers have come to expect nothing but the very basic functions in this class but Boost 80 surprised everyone when it came out with an electronically commutated motor with a wide range of input. Nearly every other model comes with a standard motor with a narrow range. The difference is apparent in its quiet and efficient operation.

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